Tim Budrewicz


  T.J. D'Alexander


T.J., Tim, Allan

Jodie, Eileen, Aimee, Ken


It all began in a barn. "The Barn"  as it is called, is where Woodbury neighbors and friends, Allan, TJ, Tim and Ken would spend many weekends, tasting Al's latest home brew.  It was there one weekend night, while "tasting" a few beers, that the famous words were spoken. "We should open a brewery!"  Yup. Those words that you and your beer buddies have spoken many times.  Well, they did it.  Their goal is to provide the same excellent beer, fun and laughs of "The Barn" to all of you.

Why Woodbury Brewing Company is "More Than A Brewery"

 Woodbury Brewing Company, scheduled to be open  this month, will not be your typical craft brewery. Thus our tag line, "More than just a brewery.  Yes....we will be brewing our own craft beers on premises. Yes....we will have tastings and announcements of all our new brews. All those things that you love and expect from your favorite brewery will exist. But we wanted to do more, much more. WBC will have a full service bar with wine and spirits, as well as plenty of taps filled with other local craft beers in addition to ours. We are also installing a full stage with professional sound equipment for live music and entertainment. If you want to play some video games before you watch the game on one of our 4 TVs or the 130" HD projection screens, we got it.  Will there be food? Yes. Our "Brew Cafe" atmosphere will allow you to bring your own picnic snack if you'd like, choose from a custom menu of foods that will be made by and delivered from our friends at Annoulas  restaurant across the parking lot, or buy some light fare from our selection of bar snacks.

Our goal is to provide people from Woodbury, as well as those visiting our town,

a place to sit back, relax and have a great time.

We hope to see you soon.
-The Gang at WBC

  Allan Cetrone, Founder and Manager​​

OUR Deep Roots in WOODBURY

From the moment you set foot in Woodbury Brewing Company, you will notice the look and feel is a perfect match to the surroundings of our beautiful, quaint New England town.  Decorated with reclaimed 17th and 18th century barn and house lumber from Woodbury and Bethlehem, WBC's vision has always been about creating an atmosphere and look that depicts our colonial "roots".  

Founder and owner, Allan Cetrone, has always felt a strong sense of family and belonging in Woodbury. Although, he didn't grow up there, he moved here 10 years ago to be closer to his family and friends. He always knew that he had roots in Woodbury. Allan's great grandmother was one of the first teachers at Mitchell Elementary School, his great grandfather owned an agricultural/hardware store and served as Postmaster General on North Main Street and his great uncle owned a funeral home and was key in founding the Woodbury Lion's Club. The list goes on.  His connection that he told many with pride.

Not until recently, did he really discover how much his family's lineage played a role in the establishment of Woodbury. While doing some historic research, he began to dive deep into his family tree.  What he found what much more than expected. Allan's ancestors dated back to the original settlement of our town!    His 10 times Great Grandfather, Lt. Thomas Wheeler, was listed as the first to purchase the largest deeded tract of land from local Native Americans.  The parcel that he purchased included what is now Woodbury. The year was 1659.  From that period and on, Allan's family has lived and been part of this towns framework. From being the first male child born in Woodbury in 1673 to playing a role in the establishment of Woodbury being an official town in 1673, his ancestors roots have been well established in Woodbury. 

1659 and the local Sycamore tree, with its long deep roots, represent Allan's connection and his family's commitment to the town of Woodbury and its community.  That commitment is evident in every facet of constructing the Woodbury Brewing Company.  From the hiring of local craftsman, to the materials used in renovating our space,  every detail has Woodbury in mind.  Woodbury Brewing Company's mission has always been to provide our local and surrounding communities with a gathering place for friends and families to hang out, have fun and feel like you are part of our family history.

  Ken Mair